Is Donald Trump the E-Savior Vapemericans Have Been Waiting For?

Screencap: C-SPAN

After operating for years under a federal government he believes to be hostile to e-cigarette products, American Vaping Association President Gregory Conley expressed hope about the new regime.

“If there is a swamp in Washington that President-elect Trump needs to drain, it’s at the Food & Drug Administration,” said Conley in a statement to Gizmodo. “The FDA’s over-regulation of vapor products will result in tens of thousands of jobs being lost […] We need the Trump administration to act where the Obama administration failed.”

“We are hopeful that Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA), who was among the first elected officials to endorse President-elect Trump, will be able to explain to his administration just how important it is that these regulations be changed,” said Conley.

Even far more critical voices showed a degree of optimism. In a blog post titled “Is There a Silver Lining in a Dark Cloud?”, Boston University tobacco researcher Michael Siegel speculated that the Trump administration presented “a historic opportunity, due to a strange but true alignment of the stars.”

“From a public health perspective, there are many reasons to be concerned about the outcome of Tuesday’s election,” wrote Siegel on Thursday. “However, there is one reason to potentially be encouraged. With a Trump presidency, and with Republican control of the Senate, we ironically have a tremendous opportunity to once and for all craft a sensible regulatory strategy for electronic cigarettes and vaping products.”

The world may burn under President Trump, but it will also vape.