Don Cheadle Deserves Some Kind Of Award For Telling Donald Trump To “Die In A Grease Fire”

Don Cheadle has done so much for America. He made us all tear up in Hotel Rwanda, finally got his Miles Davis biopic made and released in theaters, and took over the War Machine part in Iron Man 2 from Terrence Howard, allowing him to get his ass kicked by Taraji P. Henson every week on Empire.

But The Don (new nickname, we’re starting it) is giving us even more joy, now at the expense of presidential candidate/animate bottle of bronzer Donald Trump.

After Trump tweeted something horrible (that has now been deleted), Cheadle went after him:

Cheadle didn’t apologize or delete the tweets even after people began calling him out for the nastiness. At the same time, those people were calling him out for being in Crash, so we’d ignore it too.

He tweeted again later, not backing down:

Can we quickly talk about his Twitter photo and bio?

That’s absurdist Andy Kaufman walking out of a Donald Trump costume. This whole thing is definitely a comedy. It has to be.

Also, it wasn’t enough that he has the blue check mark and 50% of his tweets are about Miles Davis. He has to remind us that it’s the “OFFICIAL DON CHEADLE JOINT!!” He’s shouting out his own Twitter like he’s doing ad libs on his fire mixtape.

Praise be The Don, crushing dumb Internet users and making us oh so happy. We’ll get you a medal soon… Ryan Lochte’s not using his anymore, right?