Amanda Knox Made Donald Trump ‘Upset’ By Backing Hillary Clinton During Presidential Election

Amanda Knox made Donald Trump “very upset,” when the American woman who was accused and later cleared of a murder charge while studying abroad in Italy, did not back him in the election against Hillary Clinton. Of course, social media had fun questioning why the president would bother himself over one voter’s decision when he won.

The New York Times profiled George Guido Lombardi, a neighbor of Trump’s in Manhattan who suggested that the president was not happy that he did not receive support from Knox despite his public comments in support of her.

Trump was vocally open about professing Knox’s innocence during her trial in Italy, which ended with acquittal in 2011. Trump even tweeted about his belief of Knox’s innocence twice in 2011, writing shortly before her verdict that “Everyone should boycott Italy if Amanda Knox is not freed—she is totally innocent” and backing her in interviews. Trump had commissioned Lombardi to look into Knox’s case while he was in Ital

Here are some reactions to Trump’s alleged concerns about not landing the endorsement from Knox. What do you think of Trump’s feelings? Let us know in the comments section.

It’s remarkable that Trump was able to overcome not getting the Amanda Knox or OJ Simpson endorsements.

If Trump was mad that Knox supported Clinton, then he is mad at 65 million people compared to 62 million that voted for him.

Per DT’s “logic” re: Amanda Knox, past support = future vote. So Hillary
should have voted for him? #Resistance

@kylegriffin1 This is such a weird version of “I bought her dinner but she won’t sleep with me, that bitch”…

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@blakehounshell I’m guessing Trump thinks that Amanda Knox “friend-zoned” him. I’m also guessing that Trump believes that friend-zoning is a thing.

Trump is mad at “Amanda Knox” for not supporting him. Just a reminder that no grown man behaves this way.

Knox was initially convicted on charges of murdering her Italian roommate, although some legal experts questioned the prosecution’s case. Knox successfully appealed to the highest court in Italy, which ultimately exonerated her.

Knox, in a lengthy blog post, voiced her support for Clinton during the 2016 campaign. She tweeted a handful of times in favor of the former secretary of state, using hashtags such as “#YesWeCan” and “#ImWithHer.”

“Donald Trump has succeeded in coming a step away from the most powerful position in the world merely because he is a destabilizing agent,” Knox wrote in her blog. “No matter that he is inexperienced, uninformed, and irresponsible (to say the very least). Both candidates seem disturbingly disconnected, in their own ways. Hillary Clinton from the people. Donald Trump from rationality.”

“I’m feeling less apathetic about this election,” she said. “It’s not that Clinton has shown herself to be more than just the lesser of two evils. It’s that her impending victory represents the triumph of nuance and poise over prejudice and childishness. And that’s something I can get excited about.”